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NLP Certification 2023

Terra Egitim’s 2023 NLP Practitioner Certification is for people, like you, who desire a precise and powerful method for personal and professional development. With NLP your personal and professional success can become dramatically enhanced through its revolutionary technology!

Your NLP Certification training with Terra Egitim and INLPTA Master Trainer Constantine Bimplis will give you the expertise to learn how to duplicate the mental, physical and emotional excellence of any role model you choose! You will also learn how to achieve consistency with your own states of excellence for superior learning and performance in any context of life you desire!


The Keys to NLP Mastery

Your Terra Egitim NLP Practitioner Level Certification Programme will train you in all the skills and competencies needed to best develop and enhance your personal and professional success.


Terra's NLP Certification Pathway

NLP Certification is generally taught in three main sections or Levels: The initial level of study is called Practitioner Certification, the second level of study is called Master Practitioner Certification, and the third level of study is called NLP Trainers Certification.


About Terra Egitim Training and Research

Terra Egitim Training and Research is a Turkey based organization devoted to the study of extraordinary human performance and excellence. Our mission is to develop world class, innovative yet practical applications to empower all human beings to learn and achieve their fullest capabilities to maximize their quality of life.


Terra's NLP Certification Training Methodology

Benefit from learning both consciously and unconsciously through experiential activities, accessing altered states of consciousness, full sensory stimulation, multiple encoding, limbic system activation, and hemispheric brain wave synchronization.


Terra's INLPTA NLP Accreditation

The training format of Terra's NLP Certification is based on the accreditation guidelines and structure established by the International NLP Trainer's Association (INLPTA). All Terra's NLP Certification programs meet and surpass the criteria set by INLPTA.


Your Featured Trainer for the 2020 INLPTA Certification

Constantine Bimplis is the managing director of the Educational Branch of Terra Egitim Training and Research. Constantine is one of only a handful of trainers working closely with Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall, who has reached both the level of quality and expertise in training to conduct the NLP Practitioner Certification Training as well as the Trainer's Training Program.

Training Programs

Terra Egitim's Lead Trainer

INLPTA Master Trainer Constantine Bimplis


Student Centered Training

The key to our success are satisfied students

You’re not just buying a training. You’re joining a community. Never feel like you’re on your own. We are here to answer your questions about NLP, Coaching, Therapy and Consulting, even years after you've completed your NLP training with us.

Repeat & Update Your Training Free - Forever

We constantly grow our knowledge and expertise and we re-design our training courses to reflect the latest and greatest developements in the fields of NLP, Psychology and Neuroscience. That's why we encourage our students to retake their NLP Training and keep their skills up to date anytime they want. For free. Forever.

We are not cutting corners on your training

We strictly follow INLPTA high standards for our NLP Trainings. That is, way more than the minimum 130 hours of intensive NLP training for your Practitioner. Our courses are at least 22 days long. We overdeliver so you can be confident you get the best NLP Training money can buy.

We are Always Ahead

Your Terra NLP Certification 2023 courses utilize the latest developements in the most advanced training methodologies available in the world today. This ensures your learning experience with us will be lively, action oriented, generative and above all… fun!

I recommend Kaan with the highest recommendation, anybody that gets a chance to study with him is truly fortunate because you'll be learning the real NLP and you'll be learning quality NLP
Master Modeler, International Coordinator for INLPTA
I highly recommend Constantine Bimplis. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed...
co-creator of NLP