Microexpressions & Body Language


What is a Micro Expression?

A micro expression is a brief facial expression, lasting only a fraction of a second, conveying a strong emotion hidden beneath the surface. A micro expression usually surfaces when a person is trying to conceal their true feeling but it emerges unconsciously.

With this training you will master the art of reading body language, facial expressions and micro expressions.

This amazing skill can be extremely useful to a huge variety of people and situations, for example:

  • Trainers & coaches: will be able to understand better what emotions their clients and participants feel
  • Sales professionals: will be able to see what their potential clients are not saying with their words
  • CEO’s & Managers: wil be able to be aware what their employees experience and thus deliver for more effective people management
  • Recruiters: will be able to see if the potential candidates say the truth
  • Negotiators: will be able to see the hidden emotions on the face of others
  • Everybody who meets people: will be able to build happier and more authentic relationships

Body language and Micro Expressions are the cornerstones of emotional intelligence.

This is why people with better emotional intelligence skills perform better:

  • Career Success: Emotional Intelligence, as a determinant of high performance, is twice as important as technical and cognitive skills combined for a successful career (Daniel Goleman, published in Harvard Business Review, “What Makes a Leader?” in 1998)
  • Developing Leaders: Emotional Intelligence is more than 85% of what enables “star performers” to develop into great leaders
  • Dealing with difficult Clients/Teams: Developing emotional intelligence skills increases the understanding between people which minimizes time wasted arguing and defending turf.
  • Team Performance: People with highly developed emotional intelligence skills get along better and don’t let anxieties and frustrations get in the way of efficiently solving problems.
  • Motivation/Empowerment: People with high emotional intelligence skills positively impact every person they contact. They are the role models of excellent performance.
  • Time Management: People with high emotional intelligence skills do not waste time worrying, arguing, and second-guessing themselves in interaction with others. They choose more productive behaviors.
  • Stress Reduction: People with strong emotional intelligence skills easily handle emotions of anxiety, frustration, and fear that cause stress in today’s work world.
  • Talent Retention: Leaders with highly developed emotional intelligence skills have been shown to be the best, most effective bosses, the kind talented people want to work for.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Excellent customer service is based on sincere care. People with high emotional intelligence skills take care of themselves and extend sincere care to others.